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Bears Ears Commissioners Selected, Focus on the Future of the National Monument

Commission reiterates Federal government’s obligation to work with Tribes
CONTACT: Natasha Hale- (505) 906-8303

Monument Valley, Utah – In accordance with the Bears Ears National Monument proclamation issued on December 28, 2016, the five sovereign Tribal Nations with ancestral ties to Bears Ears, have formally named their representatives for the Bears Ears Commission. In their first action, the Commission issued a letter to Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke extending an invitation to meet to discuss management priorities and remind him of his obligation to work with the Tribes.


Native American Connection To Bears Ears

Many Native American people have long-standing ties to the Bears Ears cultural landscape. Several southwestern tribes trace their ancestry to the ancient peoples who populated the region since time immemorial, building ancient roads, shrines, pit houses, pueblos, great houses, kivas, and cliff dwellings – the remains of which still grace the landscape today.   Bountiful rock paintings and petroglyphs also decorate cliffs and boulders throughout the region.